Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Nephew the Fastest Baserunner in the World*

*I mean, maybe not the world, but the kid is crazy fast.

Sunday we spent the day at the ball field watching my nephew, Avery, play his first college baseball game. He's down here with his team for a tournament and we were able to spend the day cheering him on during his double header. Avery is a freshman, so we weren't sure how much he would get to play, but we wanted to cheer him on and Aaron was beyond thrilled to see him!

Seriously, look at that face!

It was a great teaching experience for Aaron, too. He was able to see "older kids" play ball and watch their form. It was also a great teaching experience for him as a catcher. 

Look how into the game he was! He also spent a good chunk of the game at the fence. Avery's team won the first game, which was their first game of the season.

Between games Avery came out and introduced the kids to some of the players. I think Aaron about died when he met the catcher from the first game.  Avery also told us a little bit about their program. This is only the second year for the team and it's a pretty young team.

Another funny thing to point out is that each time a player slid or dove for a base, Aaron would shake his head and say, "His Mom is going to be so mad. She'll have to clean that." I politely responded with, "They're in college. Mom's don't clean those."

The second game was pretty intense. They were behind until....they put Avery in to pinch run. Now, it should also be noted this is actually the first time I have EVER seen Avery play. When he was growing up I was already away at school and then here in Florida. I digress...so they were down by one and the coach put my wonderful nephew in to pinch run. 

Here he is leading off on first...

There's the pitch...swing...heading for the fence...drop...drop...it drops! He's gone! 

At some point I was on my feet screaming, not cheering, screaming. Aaron, Jill and Scott were also on their feet. The kids were jumping up and down on the bleachers. 

He rounded second, headed for third and then....

Holy sh!t! He was heading home!

Yes my friends, that is MY nephew scoring his FIRST run as a college player. And yes, my nephew tied the game. Proud Aunt y'all, proud Aunt!

The kiddos were so thrilled. They kept jumping up and down and then the woman in front of me smiled and said, "Oh that's sweet, they are excited about their brother."

Um, no, and now you have me questioning if I need to purchase wrinkle cream. 


Avery's team won the game in the end and we were thrilled. The kiddos ran over to the dugout to wait for their star player.

I don't think they even noticed any other player that walked by. After Avery grabbed all of his gear he came by to chat with the kiddos. Look at these faces!

I am so proud of Avery. He's such a great kid, well not really a kid anymore, and I am so happy I was able to see him play. I cannot wait to see what future seasons hold for him!

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