Monday, June 22, 2015

"Should we get red or white sangria?"

On Tay Tay's second day we went to EPCOT for the day. We rode Test Track, Ellen's Universe of Energy, Spaceship Earth and so many more. We also had lunch at one of our favorites, Via Napoli. Naturally, Tay Tay and I had some sangria.

We decided on the white since we just had a pitcher or red the night before. I feel like it should be noted I do not normally drink pitchers of sangria two days in a row, but my sister was in town and well...yeah.

It was comical to say the least. It was also really delicious.

I mean, maybe we were giggling a lot after the pitcher, but I'm sure the pizza we ate soaked up a lot of the wine. Well, pretty sure.

We even stopped by the lumberjacks and Aaron took a photo with them for his Tay Tay. I was laughing so hard that the photo ended up blurry (which maybe I didn't notice until later because...well...sangria.).

Somehow we all made it to see the fireworks and scored a sweet spot in Mexico to view them. 

Stay tuned, there are still two more days of Tay Tay's visit to talk about!

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