Friday, June 26, 2015

The House Divided

For Tay Tay's third day we went to the White Sox - Rays game. The house was divided between Rays and Sox fans, but it was still an awesome time. It was also father - daughter day at the park, so we sat in a section with a bunch of father-daughter pairs. 

Aaron was really in to the game and was pretty happy that we were in prime foul ball territory. I was pretty pleased that they had Reds Ale on tap. 

The Sox lost and Tay Tay and I kept trying to guess at which point our Dad changed the channel. Since it was a family day at the park the kiddos were able to run the bases (I seriously love this). 

And since it was father-daughter day Jillian received a special baseball and we all received hats (except Tay Tay, she politely declined). 

The game was a blast, but I think all of us were still a little tired from the day before. 

We still have another day with Tay Tay, so check back!

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