Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aluminum Chef Aaron

Aaron has been in to all things culinary since he was little, like really little. We watched a lot of Iron Chef America when they were newborns and we dubbed him the aluminum chef because it was the one show that always caught his attention.

When we had a play kitchen in their playroom, he was the one that always played and made up different dishes. It was definitely his thing.

He is also a fan of food in general. He has never been afraid to try anything and definitely has a taste for the finer things. This past year Scott took him to Food and Wine with our friends and Aaron tried EVERYTHING. No, really, he tried everything and loved everything. Lamb? Loved it. Shrimp tacos? Devoured it. Kerrygold cheese plate? Never stood a chance.

Lately our new thing has been to watch Food Network, specifically Ina, Giada and Ree (the holy trinity of Aaron's life). He is always pointing out dishes and asking if we can make them. For the most part I agree, unless it's Ina's lobster potato salad, because no. He has even asked for the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. The kid is obsessed. OBSESSED.

The past couple of nights he and I have made dinner together. Sunday we made a polenta dish with a homemade sauce and chicken sausage. It was ridiculous. Tonight we made salisbury steak meatballs (with ground turkey) with homemade gravy, mashed potatoes and asparagus.

He was involved in every part of the process. He peeled potatoes, gathered ingredients, mixed the meatballs, formed the meatballs, cleaned the asparagus and stirred the gravy. I will give it to him, he tastes everything. When I went to add the breadcrumbs he wanted to taste them because he wasn't sure what panko breadcrumbs tasted like. He sampled the asparagus while we were cleaning it, sampled the gravy, sampled the fresh parsley and tasted the first meatball that came out of the skillet.

To see how proud he was when the meal was completed was the best feeling in the world. He was so thrilled with his dinner and told me that when he opens up his own restaurant that would be on the menu.

He also asked to call his Dzia Dzio to tell him what he made. He then promised to cook for him when they visit. Aaron also said he would make him pork butts and dumplings (which is my Dad's favorite meal of all time) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don't know if any of us would be able to move if we ate all of that in one day.

I love his excitement surrounding the culinary world and am trying to find new ways to get him involved in that community. I know there are a few seminars we want to try and take him to during Food and Wine this year. I think him meeting any of those celebrity chefs would just ignite that fire even more.

I am so proud of my aluminum chef and cannot wait to see him become an iron chef!


Chelsie Sloan said...

What an impressive little man!

skyt874 said...

Very impressive

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