Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Oxymoron That Is Work-Life Balance

A lot of the luncheons I have been attending have been discussing the idea of work-life balance. If you're like me, you see this as an oxymoron. There is nothing balanced in my life, the scales are always tipping one way or the other. They are rarely perfectly balanced. And if I'm trying to find balance in my already crazy life, I can guarantee I do not have extra time to read your book about how to find balance in my life. Just sayin...

We are fully into the new school year (heck, progress reports already came home) and activities are starting to rev up. Let's add in a few dashes of work events, a sprinkle of tutoring for the Miss, umpiring and coaching for Scott, and of course marathon training for me. Weekends are filled with practice, long runs, groceries, other errands, chores, more tutoring, church and dare I say, fun, well...if there is time. 

Trying to balance it all and not wind up in a straight jacket is a challenge. I have finally learned to let go of some things. If it's 8:30 at night and I still haven't eaten dinner myself, and I'm debating between eating and making their lunches for the next day. Guess what? They are so buying lunch the next day. It does not pay for me to not be at my best. Everyone suffers at that point, am I right? 

So to all us Moms and Dads at there trying to keep the crazy world we live in perfectly balanced...let it go. The scales tip in all sorts of crazy directions and the scales change at least a dozen times a day. Keep yourself healthy, make sure the kiddos are clean, fed and not in any life threatening danger, and get some sleep. If you can accomplish 2 out of the 4 in any given day, you're a winner in my book.

And when all else fails, just take in a deep breath and repeat after me....

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