Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hitting the Bricks - The OUC Half Marathon

At the beginning of the month I ran the OUC Half Marathon. It's a big thing here in Orlando and is a lot of people's favorite race. I'm not sure why people love this race so much, I mean it's neat running through all of the neighborhoods and all, but it's all brick.

I hate brick.

Well, I don't hate brick. Brick is beautiful on a house, or a nice brick sidewalk. Brick roads though? They flippin' suck. 

I was doing well in the beginning, but the constant on and off brick roading we were doing was starting to take a toll. I told the pacer (who was my pacer at Nona) that I would ditch them at 10 and push ahead to PR. 10 came and went and I was still with them. I finally left at mile 11 and tried to surge ahead. The temps (unusually warm) and the brick were getting the better of me. At this point, I just wanted to finish. 

I came around the corner and was on the walk part of my interval. I should have pushed through and run, but I was done. I saw Scott and the kiddos and picked up my pace. 

I finished in just over 2:43 which was just over my PR from Nona. Had I surged as I turned the corner I could have beat it, but I was done. All I wanted was my banana and a hug from my kiddos. 

This race was ugly, but my time was still decent. I'm happy I finished, but the best part of the entire 13.1 miles was seeing my three favorite faces at the point that I needed it the most. Thanks for all of the support Scott, Aaron and Jill!

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Chelsie Sloan said...

Preach on just wanted to be done and a banana!!! Not sure if I will do that race again....

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