Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Part 2

Let's continue the family Thanksgiving trip, shall we? (Sorry for the HUGE delay)

My brother and his family arrived on Saturday evening and we were able to spend Sunday in the parks together. While the big kids rode roller coasters, my Dad, Scott and Aaron rode Star Wars (Dad was the rebel spy!) and Jill, Mom and I went on our favorite, The Great Movie Ride.

After a few more rides we headed to Prime Time Cafe for lunch. They were slammed and running behind on reservations, so we spent a bit of time just hanging out in front of the restaurant. I was able to snag this great photo of my Dad, just smiling and living in the moment. This trip was a huge highlight for him and something that he talked about for months. He was so excited to spend time with the kids and grandkids.

Lunch had a bumpy start, but we had an amazing server who made up for the bumps. After our lunch we all headed over to Toy Story, where Scott dominated, and then made our way for the lights.

This is the last year for the Osbourne Family Lights, so it was packed. Some of my favorite holiday memories are in this area and I was thrilled we had one more chance to see them.

We spent a good chunk of the time in the lights looking for a hidden image. It was pretty cool really looking at all of the lights, we found so many hidden lights (like Nemo and the Incredibles) that we probably would have never noticed had we not just stopped to look.

More memories from the trip to come and I promise I will not take as long to post the rest.

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