Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Whole Can of Whipped Cream?!

Right after Princess Weekend, my brother Kevin came to town for a golf weekend. We were able to meet up with him for a day to catch up and hang out. We started our day at Splitsville for some bowling. Kevin had never been there and the kiddos just love this place.

After some bowling we headed over to the Beach Club for some ice cream, but before we could grab a space at the counter we played some arcade games.

The kiddos had a total blast playing all of the different games. There were some old school games there too. I think my brother had a good time teaching Aaron about the awesomeness that is Pac Man.

After our game time we headed in to Beaches and Cream. My brother had been talking about the kitchen sink earlier and suggested that we order it. You know how at the time it sounds like a great idea? I mean there were five of us, we could totally tackle this....right?

They make a huge production out of the kitchen sink. Lights are flashing, the waitress is yelling, the sundae is paraded through the restaurant and then slammed in front of you. Hot fudge is leaking off the side and you are just sitting there questioning all of your life decisions.

The kitchen sink is a scoop of all of their ice cream, every topping, hot fudge, caramel (I think?) peanut butter, and a whole can of whipped cream. I started scooping and I swear that the first bowl everyone got was strictly whipped cream.

We gave it the college try. I feel like we just kept eating and eating and nothing was happening. It was seriously the third big scoop that I finally hit ice cream.

After all of that ice cream we were ready to be rolled out of the hotel. We played a couple more arcade games and then called it a day.

We had an awesome time with my brother and we tried to meet up with him again before he left, but unfortunately Jillian had the flu and we ha to cancel (more on that later).

I don't know if we will ever take on the kitchen sink again, unless of course we have an army of people with us, but I'm glad we tried.

Thank you Kevin for a fun day out!

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