Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ted's Princesses Take Over Disney...Part 2: The 10K Chronicles

Before I dive in to the 10k, I would like to follow up on the platter of meat Lorren had at tea, or as I have renamed it, the 96 ouncer. Behold:

Now compare that to our dainty tea sandwiches...

Oh, and prior to having tea, Lorren hopped up on this statue (Scott you did not read that):

The dismount was glorious.

Now, back to the 10k... The 10k route follows some of the 5k route, but adds the EPCOT resort path. I LOVE this route. It honestly is one of my favorites, especially when we run across the Boardwalk and sound like a herd of elephants.

We decided to stick with our theme from last year and go as Alice in Wonderland characters. Cathy was the only one to change her character. This year she went as the Mad Hatter in her pretty Wonderland skirt from Sparkle Skirts. Melissa obviously dressed for warmth.

The 10k route was a hard one for our cheering section because there are really only two spots you can actually make it to, the start and the finish.

Lorren and I ran this race together and I was told by Lorren at the halfway point she would never run this with me ever again because I am too gd fast. I will admit there were a couple of points on the course I really stretched my legs and hit some awesome paces. She was not amused.

For the most part though we took it easy on the course because we did have a half marathon to run the next day. Lorren and I finished in 1:21:49 and 1:21:54. Cathy was not too far behind us and we were able to catch up with our cheering section.

After the race we grabbed some delicious breakfast from Captain Cook's at the Polynesian and then headed over to Hollywood Studios.

 Obviously we needed popcorn and a churro. I mean, what else are you supposed to eat there? The parks were actually pretty crowded so we did not get on a lot of the rides, not that the Studios has a lot of rides anymore. We did manage to get on Tower of Terror though. Apparently Melissa has never been on this ride, so naturally we scored the front row. Fun fact, Melissa likes to death grip both handles and there was only one grip for me and Cathy. I had to grab the "oh shit" bar which resulted in this classic photo:

After we returned from the Twilight Zone we walked around the soon-to-be-gone Streets of America. On our stroll we found the glass slipper. We had to stop, I mean we were running the glass slipper challenge after all. We decided we were going to take two photos, a nice one and a not so nice one, because...well because. Our photographer was not a good sport. We scored this nice photo:

However, when you take a not so nice photo it is apparently frowned upon to look like you are pulling hair and kicking, so we settled on this:

I mean, whatever...our idea was better but oh well.

After the Studios we headed over to the Boardwalk for our dinner at Trattoria del Forno. Cathy and Lorren ate here when they first opened and were not super impressed but wanted to give it a second chance. They changed chefs and Cathy said it was so much better than the first time. The entire meal was amazing and we had the most fabulous waitress. She made every item on the menu sound delicious. The chef even stopped by to make sure everything was good. It was an all around great experience. 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for our early bedtime. The half marathon was the next day and we all needed our rest. 

Check back for the final post!

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