Sunday, August 28, 2016

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I'm marathon training...again. Oh, and by marathon, I mean Goofy. Yes, I am running a half marathon and full marathon back to back. 

I have lost my damn mind.

How did I decide to do this challenge? Well...I looked at the training schedule and said, "Oh, it's only a couple of extra walk days, this is totally doable!" 


I should also point out I have decided to train for Goofy during the hottest summer ever. I didn't think this through. But I have to say it has been going really well and I'm looking forward to tackling another challenge. 

On top of this training my little Miss has decided to join a running club. She will be training for a 5k this winter and I am so proud of her! She has run several, including one this weekend, and I know she will be amazing (I mean, look at her!). 

So now with the Miss running I'm going to have to bump up my training even more so I can stay close to her during races. 

Challenge accepted my dear, challenge accepted.

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