Friday, October 17, 2008

Always a first for everything...

So normally I do this on the Carepages website, but....this one seems cooler! Ha ha! We've had a pretty busy week this week, which is always nice. Wednesday we went to the pumpkin patch in Celebration with Lani, Ben, Cameron, Lily, April, Hunter, Hadden and Hendrix (yeah we turned a few heads). It was a really nice trip, the patch was set up with picture spots which we didn't expect, and the guy that was running it was super nice and even set up a wagon with pumpkins so we could take some more pictures. Tomorrow we have our first birthday party to go to! Hunter, Hadden and Hendrix are one today (happy birthday boys!) and we can't wait to spend tomorrow afternoon with them!
In other news teething is...well it sucks. I can't wait for those first teeth to pop through so it hopefully gives them some relief! I also never thought so much drool could come out of such tiny people! They are like leaky faucets right now!
That's pretty much it for right now, I'm going to try and put up some video (Yay!!!) later.

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MrsBonJoV said...

Wow, they're getting so big. We need to pay another visit soon. I'm so jealous that everyone else is having babies.

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