Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday afternoons in the park

I have to say today's weather was, in a word, AMAZING! It was mid 70's pretty much all day, it was wonderful, I hope it stays that way! Since the weather was so nice Scott and I took the kids to the park near our house. It's a great little park that has a huge play area, tons of open space, baseball/t-ball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts and a pavillion ({7D23DCBD-EAF1-4BAE-8C7F-C988ED135FC1}. There's also a boardwalk that leads back to one of the big lakes out here. The kids got to swing again today (video is underneath this post), Aaron absolutely loves it and Jill is still a little unsure. Today though she tried to eat the swing (gross!), but at least it wasn't sand, right? I can't wait until they're a little older so they can really enjoy that park, it has tons of slides and is set up almost like a fort, it's pretty cool, makes you wish you were a kid again!
Today is also my Dad's birthday! YAY!!!! So a big happy 71st birthday to my Dad!!! Hope it was a great one! And a happy early birthday to my niece Lorren (also Jill's Godmother!) who is going to be 19 tomorrow! And no FSU boys, you still are not allowed to date her!

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