Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hunter, Hadden and Hendrix's First Birthday!

Today was Hunter, Hadden and Hendrix's first birthday party, it was at the Kissimmee lakefront (beautiful park!). The weather was actually amazing, which was great! The boys even had birthday crowns, April always seems to find the cutest things that you would never think of! Watching the boys eat their cake was obviously the highlight of the party. Yellow, blue and green icing was everywhere! It was a good thing we were right next to the splash park so April and Brian could hose them off. The magnificent 8 even got to go on the swings after all the cake and presents. Jill wasn't too sure about it at first, but Aaron had a blast! Jill had more fun when she was watching Aaron swing though, I wish I had video of her laughing, it was hysterical! Now we're all just winding down and getting ready to enjoy a nice quiet Sunday, hope everyone else does the same!

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