Thursday, November 6, 2008

6 months and 1 day!

Yesterday my little ones turned 6 months old, or as Scott says "They're half a year!". 6 months sounds nicer to me, doesn't make it seem like the time is flying by quite as fast as it is. We go for the 6 month check up tomorrow. I'm just interested to see how much they weigh and how long they are.
They are into everything lately, and they love to beat each other up. It seems like every time I turn around one is grabbing the others bib or hitting the other in the face, I guess that's just foreshadowing, right?
Yesterday we went with Lani, Lily, Ben and Cameron to Baby Boot Camp. It was pretty cool, they had us walk this hilly walkway and then we would stop and do exercises. I'm going to look into a jogging stroller though if we keep doing it, I think it would just be easier.
Other than that not much else in our neck of the woods. Still getting ready for the Autism walk (November 15th, I've raised $75 already which is awesome and the group has raised more than our goal which is pretty good too.
Hope all is well in your neighborhood!

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Triplets07 said...

Happy 6 Months Aaron & Jill !!!

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