Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Price check on the idiot in aisle 5...

So apparently, and April will agree I'm sure, only idiots shop at Target. Before I thought they stuck to Walmart, but no...no it's Target. I was there yesterday trying to find a double hole punch for the invitations and Jill was over it, tears and all. So I'm booking it for the check out and this woman sees me heading into the check out, clearly hears Jill (as did half of the store I'm sure), smiles in acknowledgement then cuts in front of me to check out first. Yeah. Seriously. Then before I could say anything this other woman, who had been following me, jumps in front of the stroller and goes "OHHHHHHH TWINS!!!!". Then of course I heard her whole life story, but it still didn't explain the frosted pale pink lipstick she was wearing, but I digress. So then after I finally appease her curiosity the check out lady is trying to play the which one is the oldest game. For some reason everyone guesses Jill. But now that I'm done venting about that....
Our dishwasher died the other night, well it made a zapping noise while smoke was coming out of it (Oh it was something...). Now I remember why I loved paper plates in college.
Well that's it for now...Happy voting everyone!

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Triplets07 said...

You got to love them Target people... LOL
See you tonight!

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