Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lake Eola Fall Fiesta

Today was a fun day out, we went to the Lake Eola Fall Fiesta in the park with Lani and April. The fiesta was pretty cool, they had something like 600 vendors with crafts, food and all that jazz. Lani and I even won tickets to see Heidi Newfield at the Volusia County Fair (I think I was more excited than Lani). As always, we created a scene. Everyone wanted to know if we were all one family (Scott bit his tongue, he wanted to say we were all his wives), or if we were like Jon and Kate plus 8 (Yeah none of our kids are Korean, sorry). Scott has never experienced this, so it was quite a shock for him at just how many people stop all of us when we're together.
In other news I made an AWESOME dinner tonight (not to brag, but yeah really to brag)! I made pork and dumplings (all homemade by the way). If dumpling didn't totally take up all the room in your stomach I probably would have eaten my body weight in them.
Now I need to get my rear in gear and work on these Christening invitations...yeah... Hope everyone has a great night and remembered to reset their clocks last night!

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