Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update from the Casa de Sick

As Scott says "All three of his kids are sick." Jill is just miserable, but she just started her meds yesterday so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Scott took both kids to see the doctor today, and Aaron has RSV too. They say every child will get this at least once by their first birthday, so hopefully this is the only time we will have to deal with this. Aaron isn't too bad, he's just snotty and has a slight cough. Hopefully we caught his early enough that he can bounce back pretty quick.
In other news, Aaron said "Dada" today! Of course Scott was thrilled, but if you ask my sister she says what he really meant was "Oh I'm so excited that Aunt Cathy is coming down next week! I can't wait to see her!" I think that's an awful lot for two syllables, but oh well. The majority of my family will be down within the next week and a half to spend Thanksgiving, which is super exciting. Half of my family has seen the babies, but not since they were tiny little ones, so it will be exciting.
That's all around here...hope all is well with you!

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