Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yucky Bronchitis

So we decided to take Jill to the ER today to have her checked out, her cough sounded worse, she was all snotty and she was vomiting after pretty much every meal. After some X-rays, nasal swabs and thermometers up the rear we found out she has baby bronchitis (also called RSV). They gave her a breathing treatment, well Scott got it too, and then some medication. She's really tired and just not a happy camper all the way around. The doctor said this should work itself out within the week, but we are going to check back in with our doctor by at least mid-week to make sure everything is going well. That's all in our world, hope all is well in yours.

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Triplets07 said...

Awww... Hope she's better soon!!!

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