Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ahhh sweet sunny Florida

Family Christmas
At the Shedd Aquarium

Playing in the new jumper
Scott and Aaron in the snow

Jill and I in the snow
We are home in beautiful sunny warm Florida! Yahoo! The trip was good, we did a bunch of stuff so we are definitely tired. Family Christmas was on Sunday and there were like 30 people in my parents basement. The kids did really well though considering how many people were there. As an added bonus Scott and I got to eat food that was actually warm! Mom had a huge spread as always (I think the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and all others I missed could eat and we'd still have leftovers!) and it was so yummy! We made sangria too (or as my Mom calls it Shangra-la) which is always yummy. The kids got a ton of gifts (thank you all) which kept them busy for a while. I had to laugh though when my Mom was opening her gifts, of all the sweet and sentimental things she got she cried when she opened the ornament of a chicken playing the accordion. Yes those genes flow through me and my kids, it's awesome! The kids got a jumper from my parents, and let me just say, by far the coolest toy ever! They love it! Sometimes I wish it had a safety belt because when they really get So what else did we do... We went to the John G. Shedd Aquarium (on the coldest day) which I haven't been to in years. Part of it was closed for refurb but it was still awesome. I think Scott had way more fun than anyone else there, and he was trying to convince me the entire time that we need a fish tank. I'm all for it, we just need this little thing called space. But like I said, the aquarium was cool. They added a reef area on the lower level with a floor to ceiling shark tank (SO COOL!). They also had an area with sting rays that swam under you which Jill thought was super cool. We also had dinner by my sister Cathy which was super yummy (watch out Bobby Flay and company!). The kids got a few more presents there too (thank you thank you!). The kids, and Scott, got to experience their first snow. Scott was so excited he even helped my dad snowblow the driveway. I've honestly never seen someone excited to go out in 10 degree weather to snowblow, ever. The flight home was good. I have to say the people that work security in Chicago are so much nicer than the people in Orlando! They took care of our carseats for us and even stacked them back on a cart after we went through, it was great! Plus the people that worked at Southwest in Chicago were way nicer than the people in Orlando! The flight attendant helped us on the plane and the guy loading the luggage collapsed our stroller for us, it was great! The kids slept pretty much the entire 2 hours which was like a little piece of heaven! So now it's back to the daily grind. I added some photos to my last post and have a ton more (on facebook of course), I'll add a link later. Hope all is well with you!

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