Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'll have the sandpaper...I mean chicken

So yesterday I decided to start giving the kids meat. The pediatrician said to start anywhere from 7 months to 8 months so since we're closer to the 8 months I figured let's just do it! I hate the smell of those meats, I have ever since I fed them to my nephew Avery (13 years ago, yeah it's a smell you never forget). Needless to say I was grimacing the whole time. Jill ate the chicken no problem, thought it was great! Aaron...well he always grimaces when he tries something new but then eventually smiles and looks for more, not this time. He grimaced the entire time, then, gagged himself and threw it all up. Yeah...he wouldn't even eat the squash that I put with it because there was still chicken on the spoon. I'm going to try again today with just the chicken, and if I get the same reaction I think I'll just do the dinners and see if that's any better.
We never went to Hollywood Studios last night, I think it was good to have a night in since we really haven't the past few days. I also never took down my Christmas decorations yesterday, resolution #2 have decorations down by New Years next year (in case you were wondering #1 is to have my Christmas cards out before New Years, heck before Christmas next year, still sending them by the way...sigh). Well I should get moving on those decorations, or I can have a cup of coffee and read my new Family Circle...oh decisions...hope you have you a day full of easy decisions!

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