Sunday, January 4, 2009


The chicken was a success on the second try! He's still not a fan, but he didn't throw it up, so I say that is a success! We gave Jill a club cracker yesterday too, and she was digging it, so was Daddy (they are his favorite!). Aaron was sleeping, so he didn't get one yesterday. He's so particular about his schedule, and now that Jill is finally napping in her crib, she'll wake him up, so he usually goes back down for another hour. I finally put the swings/bouncers in the garage, I didn't realize how much space they actually took up. I will say that's the one thing I just gave in on, and that was letting them nap in the swings in the beginning and not making them nap in the crib. Oh well, I don't think there's any permanent emotional damage, and if there is I'll start saving for their therapy sessions now. Aaron has been in the crib for a while now, and Jill just finally went into it this past week (horrible I know). The transition went much better than I expected. The first day she cried/talked/played for 25 minutes before falling asleep, and everyday since then has been a little less. Now if I could just get her to take longer than a 30 minute morning nap that would be amazing!
Scott's parents came over for dinner last night. I really want to try and do the big family meal once a week, I think it's nice to have. I made dinner and it was de-lish! It was this pork tenderloin roast with an Asian peanut sauce. I served it with sugar snap peas, green onions, carrots and garlic that were sauteed together and lo mein noodles. Yum! I was nervous that maybe his parents wouldn't like it, or at least his Dad (he's very much the meat and potatoes guy, very typical Midwest) but he went for seconds, so I think that was a success too!
That's all over here, or at least all I can think of :) Hope you have a great day!

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