Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The most magical place on Earth.....


The ferry boat guy wanted us to write the kids names on the sidewalk, and when I saw we I mean Lani.

The group waiting for the show
"What am I watching?"
The "royal couples" in the castle show
Peter Pan and Crew in the castle show

We went to Magic Kingdom today with April, Hunter, Hadden, Hendrix, Lani and Cameron. Yeah, Lani cheated and only brought one baby! It was actually pretty slow today, the lines didn't look like they were too long. We got to watch the castle show too. Aaron was in and out of sleep and Jill just looked at me like "Mommy, these people are crazy!". It was actually a pretty cute show, but I will say, it creeps me out that the characters mouths move and they can blink their eyes. It's also nice when it's slow because all of the restuarants aren't open, so you can pull into one of those areas and feed the kids and not have to worry about every other person going "OH MY GOODNESS!". We're going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow, which is always fun. I just have to remember to put sunblock on myself tomorrow. If you know me, you know I'm a nice cherry color right now. Hope your day was just as magical as ours!

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Christa @ Quintooples said...

Oh, so jealous!!! Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

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