Monday, February 23, 2009

That sure is a lot of babies!

Jill playing with the blanket
Jill in one of the Adams boys hats
Me and Aaron
Some of the group
Some more of the group
Our crew

We went to Dr. Phillips Park today with some of the other MoM's from GOMOTT. It's a really nice park, they have foam on the playground and lots of shade. They also have a splash park which will be awesome in the summer. A lot of MoM's came today, it was nice to meet some of the ones I hadn't met yet. All of our kids are right around the same age which makes it fun. All I can say is there were a lot of kids, and I mean A LOT. I think with adults included I think there were like 30 of us. A big thank you to Lani for sending me over some of the pictures from today!
The park took up a big chunk of our day today, and definitely made bedtime easier, which is always a good thing.
In other news...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!! Today is my sisters birthday (I won't say how old) and I truly hope she had an awesome day.

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Xazmin said...

Came over from SITS to say "hi" - and your babies are sure adorable!

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