Monday, March 30, 2009

I love a parade!

We went to Magic Kingdom today with Lani, Lily, Ben and Cameron. Another reason I love the annual pass and being 15 minutes from Disney, we decided at noon we were going and were there in time for the parade! It would never be a trip to Disney though if a) we didn't cause a scene (there was a car accident between the car next to me and the car next to them) b) lose a hat in the parking lot and c) be compared to Octomom. It was awesome though, and we had a really great time, here are some photos of our day...In the parking lot looking for Cameron's hat
On the monorail heading over
Waiting for the parade
Hey Ben!
Jill having a pre-parade snack
Aaron having his snack
Our friend Belle :)
On the way back to the car
All tuckered out

That's it for the day, hope you had a great one!


Mama Kat said...

You have season passes to DISNEYLAND!?! I'm totally fun would THAT be!?! It looks like they had a marvelous time. :)

cat said...

Oh we would just love to visit Disneyland! I think my daughter will be in heaven.

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