Sunday, March 29, 2009

What did we do this weekend?

So I have some catching up to do. I've talked more about my
awesome work project and less about my family. So the other day my children decided to boycott nap time, all day. Here is a photo of Jill around 4 pm that day...

I'm starting to fear that they are about to give up a nap. I really hope they don't, that's Mommy time, meaning that's coffee and shower and lunch time.
The kids are really into Signing Time. We have the first volume called "My first signs" and the second Jill hears "Hi! I'm Rachel!" this is what she looks like...
And Aaron...They both love the DVD though and I like it a lot too. It makes it easy for me to understand sign language. Scott took 4 semesters in college and loves being able to get back into it.
I'm really getting into Mission Organic. It's like a challenge for me now at the grocery store. I've switched to organic coffee (I know!), organic eggs, organic/natural laundry detergent (Seventh Generation is awesome by the way) organic/natural cleaning products (Method rocks my socks off), and even organic pizza (Amy's Natural is out of this world!). I can't wait to go back to the farmers market next week, we haven't been in a while because of Scott's R.C.I.A masses, and we've definitely noticed the difference (price and taste wise).
We got the kitchen baby proofed this weekend. Scott and PawPaw installed the cabinet locks (that I always forget are on there) so now all we need are gates to block off the living room. I think that will cover it for a while. While Mimi and PawPaw were here Jill took Mimi's cane (her new favorite toy) and crawled around the house with it....Aaron was busy playing though and could kind of care less about the cane, for now anyway...This morning was kind of nasty out. It rained all morning so the kids and I stayed home while Scott went to mass. The kids did like watching the rain fall, or they just like looking out the window, not sure which yet...And they both still love that house they got yesterday! I know I promised video, but for some reason One True Media is not a fan of me today and does not want me to upload anything, so here's a photo of Jill playing in the doorwayShe loves to push the doorbell which drives our dog insane! Aaron likes to play with the sun and moon that are on top. They both like to sit on either side and open and close the door at each other, it's cute to watch!
That's all I can think of right now, plus this is becoming a really long post, sooooo on that note enjoy the rest of your weekend and check out the new contest at Multiples and More!


Missy said...

Love the pictures! Your babies are too cute! My daughters had the same house & LOVED it! Matter of fact, we still have 1 down stairs & that they will touch, to make it make a noise, as we are heading to the car.

Sock Monkey said...

Dropping by from sits. Wishing you a fun week.

Sock Monkey Hugs

Dee said...

LOVING the pictures! And it rained for three days straight here...the sun finally came out yesterday!

* TONYA * said...

So I've just spent the past 20 minutes hanging out over at your new 'work project' and I love it, so I had to come and check out who was behind it.

Your kids are adorable. I look forward to reading more about you.

JO said...

Your babies are adorable - brings backsuch sweet memories!

Nice blog - will be back. I want to learn more about organics too - but the babies are just fun to see.

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