Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mission Organic 2010

My favorite cousin that lives in South Carolina, Debbie, sent me this since she knew I tend to eat more organic and natural foods, so I thought I would pass it along to you. Mission Organic 2010 is a pledge to eat and buy at least 10% of your products organic. So basically when you go to the store try and have 1 in every 10 items you buy be organic. When you register on the site there is a booklet that they give you that shows you the pesticide numbers (yuck-o) on imported and domestic produce. It's honestly disgusting when you really look at it. Grocery stores are making it a lot easier though to go organic and start buying healthier foods. I know Publix has an entire Greenwise section in their store, and Sweetbay has overhead signs that point out all the organic food that they have. I know organic is more expensive, but honestly in the long run you will be so thankful that you did it. If you don't want to go all out on the organic, just pick a few items, like your root veggies, meats and diary. You will notice a difference, I promise. And that is my public service announcement for the month :) Hope you're having a great day!


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

We love organic foods. My husband lost 85 pounds two years ago and has kept it off. That's when we switched to organic foods.

organic onesies said...

That's fantastic! I buy about 90% organic now -- all my "staples" especially, which makes it really easy to cook organic at home.

I also started my own organic baby clothing company with a friend called Fierce Hugs. It's all organic cotton with fair labor! I'm now starting to try to buy organic cotton in sheets and towels, and other wares too.


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