Friday, March 6, 2009

The calm after the storm

Today was a pretty calm day, which is always nice. We ran up to the mall after morning naps and that was honestly the most adventurous thing we did all day. The kids are doing more and more these days, and it's just crazy to watch. Jill has no fear, absolutely none. Today she was holding onto the toy basket and then reaching for the playard and cruising around. It was much more impressive than that sounded, I promise :) Aaron's crawling is getting much faster and he pulls himself up a lot faster too. I'm pretty positive he's cruising, but again, he likes to do stuff like that when you aren't watching.
Tomorrow morning we are going to Party Flavors to pick out/design the kids first birthday cake. We used this place for the cake for their baptism, and it was phenomenal! I know they won't remember their first birthday, but I honestly want them to look back in 30 years and see that we made it just as special as any other day. Plus, it is such a blessing to have healthy twins like we do. It seems like everyday when I read the other blogs someone else is sick or has lost another child. It's heartbreaking to read and I honestly cannot imagine what it is like for these families and it truly reminds me how blessed we are. Why wouldn't we celebrate it in a big way, right?
Hope you had a great day and that you have an awesome weekend!

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Melissa said...

Yay for cakes! That is such a fun part. We have used a cake place for wedding, grooms cake & baby shower and will use it for their bdays. It's such a nice little tradition and I agree..celebrate in a big way! They only turn 1 once:)

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