Friday, March 20, 2009

Our day at the park

Aaron, Cameron and Jill
Hadden (I'm 90% sure), Aaron, Jill and Hunter
Aaron and Jill
Hendrix (maybe?) and Aaron
Jill showing off her Pampers
The group
Another group shot

We went to the park today with the Lyons and Adams families. We also got to meet Olga and her cuties! The park was a good 45 minutes away from the house, but the kids slept the entire time which is always wonderful! We had a really good time out there, Jill even gave out her first kiss! I think April had Hadden in her lap and Jill crawled over, climbed up, and planted one right on his cheek! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen! That made up for all her bully like behavior I suppose. I kept losing track of Aaron though because he was dressed similar to April's boys and just seemed to blend in. After the park we went over to visit Scott at work, since he's only 15 minutes away from the park we were at. The kids were already asleep so we didn't stay long.
Tomorrow is the Walk for Wishes in Celebration to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation of Central Florida. I am so excited about this walk! Like I said in my first post on it, this is my favorite charity. If you would like to donate (I would totally apprecaite it!) you can do so here.

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!!!!


Nikki Coggiola said...

Hi! Just commenting back from SITS- your twins are SO CUTE!!! How fun! (P.S. I'm so very jealous you live in Florida, I bet you aren't missing Chicago Heights right now!)

Triplets07 said...

You go the first one right, The second one with his back to you is Hadden:)

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