Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday


Another week has literally flown by. So this week I am thankful for...

  • Yup, you guessed it, the coffee pot. I figure this week will be the last I will be thankful for it, while it is awesome, the point has been made I think.
  • My husband's desk building skills. He had my new desk out of the box and constructed within 2 hours, and that included a break to feed the kids dinner! It's not often that I compliment his speedy construction skills :)
  • My annual pass to Disney. I love being able to just call Lani and say "Hey I gotta get out of the house want to meet at EPCOT?" and just go for maybe 2 hours. It's awesome.
  • All the positive response Lani and I are getting for the top secret project. As a side note if you have an etsy shop and would be willing to donate items to a giveaway please let us know!
  • The awesomeness that is Target. They always manage to have shelves stocked and team members close by in case said item is not on the shelf. The same cannot be said for Walmart, at least the one by my house anyway.
  • My daughter eating her bottle by herself. It gives me a few minutes of alone time with Aaron, which hardly ever happens since he tends to nap longer than Jill. I do wish Aaron would eat his bottle by himself, but I like the time we get to spend together.
  • Bravo TV creating yet another trashy show for me to watch. Apparently they are starting a Real Housewives of New Jersey, for real! I wonder what fruit they will be holding in the opening credits?
  • April organizing all the play dates for our kindergarten class with GOMOTT. She spreads them out so it's fair to everyone, plus she totally scopes the places out so they don't suck! Tomorrow's is at a park that's on Triplet Lake Lane, seriously, how funny?
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1 comment:

Nicole O'Dell said...

OH my goodness! What a great list! And funny, too!

ITA about Walmart vs. Target! And, it's okay if you keep the coffee pot on your list. Who are we kidding if we don't put it on there? lol

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

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