Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Your twins have a good size to them!"

First, let me wish everyone a very happy St. Patrick's day! Ok now on to today. Today was definitely one of those days. Jill's diaper was drooping a little (my fault) and she pulled it down some more and had a giant poop. It was all over her and all I could think was well tonight is bath night, a wipe can handle this right now. So I let her eat lunch just in a diaper, well she ripped her bib off and decided today, of all days, was the day she was going to feed herself...here's Exhibit A
Needless to say she had a bath right after lunch. Aaron did pretty good today at lunch, they both got diced peaches, I think I'm just going to get fresh ones so they aren't as slimy from the juice. Here's Aaron at lunch... After their afternoon naps we met up with Lani and the kids at EPCOT. The place was pretty busy, especially since the UK pavilion was serving green beer. And comments from people who have clearly had one too many green beers are interesting. I had a woman tell me that my kids had good size to them, you know because I have a big boy and little girl. I couldn't even think of anything to say back, I just stared at Lani dumbfounded. Then, it gets better! Aaron had on a Notre Dame bib and the woman goes "Go Purdue!" UHHHHH Seriously?! So I politely went "No, Go Irish!" Anyway...so here's my other thing that I have to complain about, the drive thru at Starbucks. Now, isn't there some form of etiquette when using the drive thru? Clearly it's not a speedy process, but if you pull up in your 15 passenger van and proceed to order for everyone in the van that's just ridiculous. I revoke your drive thru privileges! And, you can't send a drink back at the drive thru! Obviously your drink was too complex, or you're just OCD so again, drive thru privileges revoked! Ahhh much better :)
That's about it, at least I think that's about it, my brain is a little bit mushy right now (think super ripe banana). Hope you had a great day!


Michelle said...

So ok....I love babies with "rubber bands" around their wrists and ankles. Our daughter was the same way...she trimmed down when she started walking.

I really just want to blow raspberries on them! Thanks for sharing.

BandC said...

The Starbuck's comments echo my own. Take a look at http://bitchyandcranky.blogspot.com/2009/06/starbucks-drive-thru-etiquette.html.

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