Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just keep swimming!

Today was a pretty busy day. Originally we had no plans, but then last night a ton of plans magically appeared. This morning Scott and I rearranged the office/playroom to make more room for the kids. They really needed more space, so now we just need to get more pieces for the playard and we should be all set. The kids also fed themselves lunch today, very exciting for me! They had ravioli's and carrots. Jill LOVED the carrots and for a while that was all she would eat. Aaron was not a fan of anything at first and then he realized it was yummy and continued to eat. Here are some photos...After lunch we took the kids to St. Faustina's because they were having a flag football game between the Knights of Columbus and the teen group. This is the second game that they have had, but this one wasn't as big. We only stayed for a little while because we had plans to meet up with our neighbors Bob and Peg. We had a nice visit with them and got to see video of their house in New Jersey that they would decorate for Christmas. Now when I say decorate I mean DECORATE. I wish I had a link that I could put here so you could see it. Their decorations were truly amazing, they estimated that at least 250,000 people came through their yard/house to look at the decorations and see Santa. It was amazing to see. Here are some photos from the game...
After our visit we went to Mimi and PawPaw's to take the kids swimming for the first time and have a cookout. It was AWESOME! The kids had a great time and honestly, the photos and video speak for themselves...

And I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger award from Missy at Two little monkeys! Missy has an awesome blog herself, and was actually the feature interview last week at Multiples and More. If you are into do-it-yourself crafty projects check her out, she has the cutest projects!

Anyway, here are the rules:
1. When given the award, you list 7 things that you love.
2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love. Be sure to tag them and let them know they've won. (You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard.)

Things I love:
1) My darling husband Scott
2) My children, Aaron, Jillian and my first born, my puppy Morgan
3) My family
4) My friends
5) Bubble baths and a trashy novel (a la Danielle Steel)
6) Hot stone massages...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
7) The little things the kids do and just watching them grow and become their own person.

Now I give this award to 7 friends and bloggers (this means you get to put the cute little award on your blog so don't let me down by not participating and passing it on)!
1) Lani from Triplets: Who knew? She also is my partner at Multiples and More and has started another blog about her training to run the Disney marathon for charity (I highly recommend you clicking on the link to check it out)
2) April from Our Triplets. April taught me that you just need to get out of the house and whatever happens, happens. If it wasn't for her I would never leave my house...ever
3) Melissa from Pierce Twins. We're the young ones in the group, plus she's the only one that will recite SNL with me. LOVE it!
4) Nicole from What a trip! Nicole is so inspiring, she's a super MoM and an author. How she does it still baffles me!
5) Cheryl from Twinfatuation. I don't have enough space on here to talk about Cheryl! I gush about her all the time though!
6) Michelle from Live, Laugh and Learn. I love her blog! Love, love LOVE it!
7) Kellie from Team Darnell. I love reading her blog, honestly I do! Her boys are almost 2 months older than my kiddos so I love reading what's right around the corner!

Ok! Was that post long enough for you??? Hope you had a great weekend!

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Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Found you through "multiples...and more." Your babes are too cute! Beautiful family!

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