Monday, April 27, 2009

Somebody has a case of the Mondays

Have you seen the movie Office Space? You know whenever Peter complains about something and people keep going "Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays!". I feel like I am living those scenes over and over and over again. We are a week out from the kids 1st birthday party (sigh) and it's like I suddenly realized it. But yet, here I am writing on my blog about how nothing is getting done. Amazing, isn't it? Yup, case of the Mondays right here!
The kids however most definitely do not have a case of the Mondays and would rather run all over and have me join in. You sneaky little ones! We tried feeding ourselves lunch again today, some chicken/carrot ravioli's and carrots. Aaron ate a lot of it, but of course I had to feed it to him, I mean really I expected him to feed himself breakfast AND lunch! Silly Mommy! Jill wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. She ate one ravioli and one carrot. Apparently we are on a diet because of the party on Sunday. Girls.... Not like I should say anything, I'm so close to my pre-baby weight it's not even funny. But the scale just doesn't want me to dip under the 150 mark. Seriously, if it happens I will dedicate an entire post to it, complete with photos, not kidding. That was my goal though, within the first year to lose ever single pound I put on, so with only 5 to go, I can't really complain, right? Ok, well enough rambling, time to go do something else that does not pertain to what I should be doing :)


Missy said...

First of all you look great! But I totally understand - my girls are 3 1/2 and I still am working on losing weight!
It will all get done in time for the party! Let others pitch in help too! said...

Hello just want you to know that these are awesome pictures. I live out here in Clermont myself and would love to be friends with you. I think your kids are adorable.
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