Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One padded room please!

I've been in a serious funk this week. The kids are seriously driving me within an inch of my sanity (I hear padded cells are lovely and maybe after this week will spend the day/weekend in one). Aaron is teething, I think, can't see any teeth but all the other signs are there, and the whining. OH the whining! It's that nails on the chalkboard type, and of course he's whining "MAMA". Why is it never Dada I wonder? Plus all he wants to do is climb on me and heaven forbid Jill gets within an inch of me because he will pitch a total fit. Now onto my darling Jill, oh she's a patience tester now isn't she! I love that she tries to be independent, but gosh...any meal is a full on struggle right now and when she's not eating she's beating the stew out of her brother, or antagonizing him. I still don't know which is worse.
Last night Lani and I had a "business" meeting which quickly turned into a gab fest filled with the wine giggles. Ah good times. Chardonnay you never tasted so good!
That's it over here, hope your day is going well!

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