Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And we're back...

So the rest of today was much better once Aaron took a nice 2 hour nap (ALLELUIA!). We had a playdate this morning at Dr. Phillips Park with the Pierce family and some new friends. Jill couldn't grasp the concept that Taylor is not Aaron and she cannot sit on him or crawl over him or smack him in the head with a phone. But it was a fun day, and the weather was perfect! Can't wait for the next one!And like I said Aaron took a glorious 2 hour nap when we got home. The rest of the afternoon was fun we just hung out around the house and the kids got to crawl around outside of the playard. Jill is getting so much better with walking, she hardly falls down anymore. Aaron will walk if you hold his hand, but still prefers crawling.
Tomorrow we are going to Magic Kingdom to celebrate the best day in the world (my birthday yay!). Don't forget to head over to the multiples blog and learn about Sara Snow and how you can have a green home!


Nicole O'Dell said...


Have fun at Disney!

(Cute pics!!)

Missy said...

Playdates are the BEST! We had one yesterday too at a local park!

Happy Birthday - I am envious that you live so close to Disney! Have a wonderful birthday with Mickey & please tell the Princesses Hello from Abby & Emma

Melissa said...

Had a good time yesterday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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