Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aaron, Jill and the very blustery day!

Remember in the Winnie the Pooh movie when they have the very blustery day and then it rains to the point of flooding and they sing this song, "The rain rain rain came down down down
in rushing rising rivlets Till the river crept out of its bed
and crept right into Piglet's"? Remember? You do now, right? Well that's what it has been like over here. I think I have a lake in my backyard right now, seriously. I'm considering building an ark just in case.
We did make it out of the house for a little bit today to visit Cathy and Lorren at Hollywood Studios. Lorren and I got to ride Rock n Roller Coaster while Cathy walked around with the kiddos. Then we went on The Great Movie Ride. Aaron was less than impressed, except of course when John Wayne appeared. And Jill, well nosy Rosie was all involved in the ride and just didn't know where to look. It was adorable.
I'm hoping the rain dies down so they can have a least one full rain free day while on vacation.
That's about it over here, now back to the American Idol finale!

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