Thursday, May 14, 2009

Again with this Murphy's Law business!

Yesterday was another relaxed, somewhat, day at home. Have I mentioned we're on Pox watch? As in chicken pox? Yeah, I think we have until Monday with this. So, here's the story on that, when we went for the kids 12 month appointment they were out of the chicken pox vaccine (actually I overheard the nurse say they had one left and couldn't just pick one of the twins to give it to, so it's easier to not give it to either, right?). In the moment I thought well what's the big deal right? I mean how likely are they to get chicken pox? Ok, don't test fate, seriously, don't do it. So when my folks were here my Dad had this blister like thing on his upper arm by his shoulder, we just figured it was like a bug bite or something. Then it appeared on his forearm, then a day later on his hand. So they went to Centra Care down here and turns out he has shingles (super painful by the way). Again, I wasn't really thinking anything of it, even when my Mom mentioned her concern with the kids getting the pox. Then I came home and Mayo Cliniced (yeah not a word, deal) it to see what it was. Well, shingles is actually chicken pox that resurfaces like a million years after you've had it. Awesome, thanks Murphy's Law! So I called the Dr.'s office to see if we could get the kids in for their vaccine or if it was too late, and well, because of the sequence they have to be given in the kids have to wait 30 days to get this shot. Giddy up! So then the nurse tells me to watch for the pox and all that good stuff. My poor Dad though, he's so worried about this kids getting this, and honestly I'm really starting to find the whole thing comical. I really really doubt the kids are going to get it because he was really careful about not touching them with the arm that had the blisters (even when he didn't know it was shingles). But pox watch, none the less. Enough about the itchy stuff....
Yesterday, like I said was pretty chill. I let the kids finally play with their new table and chairs. They don't grasp the whole sitting on the chair thing yet, but it was cute to watch them play with their super awesome tea seat that has a British accent (for real it does!). Here are some photos and video from that....

Then last night I went and met some of the MoM's for sushi (yeah sushi) in the Dr. Phillips area. I personally have never had sushi, but felt daring and had a California roll, and it was yummy! Granted I was totally American about it and used a fork because I am just not that coordinated to use chop sticks (I'm lucky I can walk and chew gum at the same time).
Well that's about it over here....hope you're having a great week!

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Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh man, I hope you guys skate by without the pox, or if they get it, that it's a light case.

I hope your dad feels better soon! Shingles is rough!

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