Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy's little helpers

So now that the kids are more mobile they are running all over the house, literally not figuratively. The playzone just isn't cutting it anymore, it's just not big enough and we really don't have the room to add onto it, so I just opened the gate on it so they can come and go as they please. Scott also fashioned some baby gates with our dining room chairs until we find baby gates that we like. I've found one for the kitchen, but the living room is weird and we need a very specific gate that of course is over $100. FABULOUS! Needless to say I'm on craigslist like everyday all day. But back to the story....So my little helpers decided that they would help me with the laundry today. And wouldn't you know my underwear happened to be the first things they went for, so glad I didn't have company over and that the neighbors can't see in! They are also fascinated by the noise the door makes so they had to try just about every toy within reach to see what noise they each made. Jill even tried to throw her blankies in the dryer, at least she is recognizing that they need to be washed.

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Lani said...

Will you please stop showing off your sexy lingerie? :P

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