Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey Lady!

The rain has stopped, at least for the day, which is, in a word, AWESOME! The kids really didn't take morning naps today mainly because of the apparent construction next door. So, we went to Magic Kingdom earlier than planned and met up with Cathy and Lorren. The park didn't seem too crowded when we got there, I think the big dark gray clouds scared a lot of people off. Before lunch we took the kids on Snow White and Cinderella's Carousel. The kiddos are like old pros on the carousel now, Jill even rode it without holding on at one point. Then we went and had lunch at Tony's, which I had never been to. I always forget it's there. Anyway, lunch was good, my fruititarians ate all the yogurt parfait and only a few bites of salmon. Seriously, if it is not a pancake, waffle, french toast stick or fruit, don't bother putting it in front of them. After lunch we took the kiddos on Winnie the Pooh, which they have never been on because the line is always 40 minutes long, but we got Fast Passes which was awesome. I do not recommend riding this after lunch though. I forgot about the bouncing and tipping and general not so good things. Then we started to notice the crowds picking up. It was crazy, there was barely anyone there before we ate and then BAM a ton of people magically appeared (it is the most magical place on Earth afterall). So we took the kids to Pirates of the Caribbean, and Aaron of course fell asleep in line. He did this the last time that Cathy and Lorren took them on the ride too, kind of funny. So then we get in our boat and the kid behind me goes "Hey lady! Don't move when we go down the hill I don't want to get wet." Lady? Really? Was the lighting bad? I don't pass for miss anymore? Seriously kid you should have just called me Ma'am or Granny or Old Maid. Sigh...wrinkle cream aisle 5 here I come! But in the end we had a good day and managed to stay dry, which is always important! That's about it over here, not too sure what is on the schedule for tomorrow. Hope you had a great day! Here are some photos from our day...FYI the kid with his hands up his pits is the one that called me "Lady". Punk!


Lani said...

Haha! He reminds me of Mary Catherine Gallagher! Did he get nervous, and smell them like thisssssss?

Nicole O'Dell said...

Looks like it was a fun day!

Lol @ fruitarians!

Missy said...

Ah, I remember the first time I was told Yes Ma'am. Ugh! I was close to crying. I ponderin buying support hose that day

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