Friday, May 8, 2009

Yup, still here!

This week has been crazy busy, hence no blog posts. My parents are in town until Sunday so we have been at the parks all week. The weather has been crazy hot (low to mid 90s) and I'm just surprised the kids have held up as well as they have. Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom for the kiddos birthday. All I have is video because we had an incident with our nice camera. And by incident I mean a bottle leaked, filled the diaper bag with water and now the camera doesn't really work. Yikes! I really hope Best Buy can fix it. is some of the video from the day....

This video is from the hoe-down in Frontierland. My friend Lauren was working and had all the characters come and say hi to the kids. Oh, and my Dad totally got picked to hoe-down with one of the dancers. Watch out Dancing with the Stars!

This one is from the parade. My friend Lauren is, as they say, "friends with Belle" and made sure Belle and Ariel fussed over the kiddos.

Wednesday we took the kids for their one year appointment. Aaron weighs 25lbs 12oz and is 30 3/4 inches long. Yup, he's a big boy. Jillian weighs 21lbs 8oz and is 30 inches long. They ended up getting 3 shots as well, and were not fans. But they held up really well for the day. We ended up going to EPCOT with my folks, here are some photos....

Jill and Mulan (she even kissed her on the forehead!)Aaron liked her hair, and earringsAll of us with Senor Donald DuckWhat is on my head?Aaron was IN LOVE with Mary Poppins!Me and my parents
Yesterday we just stayed home to try and regain some form of normalcy. Then we met my parents and Scott's parents for dinner at Houlihan's. So I ordered the kids chicken tenders and broccoli, and what did my daughter eat? My salmon and mashed potatoes. Seriously....I wonder if this is a sign of what's to come?

Today we went swimming at the Boardwalk with my parents. The kids really had a good time, and I think the big kids did too!

Not too sure what is going on tomorrow, but I'm working on the video from the birthday party. I've been having problems uploading on One True Media so it's taking longer than planned :(

Hope you've had a good week so far!

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