Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amanda and the horrible not very good bad day

You ever have those days when you are wide awake at 3 am and realize at that moment your day is probably going to suck. Yup, that's today. I've pretty much been up since 3 am, it's awesome. We had a really bad storm roll through which woke me up amongst other things. The kids started out ok first thing this morning, and then it was like the gates of hell swung open (and I am not exaggerating by any means). I got the kids down for their naps, went to take a shower and noticed the water was still running a little. Hmm that's weird. So after I showered and went to shut off the water, funny thing happened, the water wouldn't shut off. Thankfully PawPaw came down and fixed the problem, apparently the inside of the knob was worn out and needed to be replaced, see... (Please excuse the hard water stains)During this time Morgan decides to bark to the high heavens and the kids woke up (after only an hour nap). Awesome...then the plate I made my lunch on broke. Yup, granted I did drop it on the floor, carpet to be exact, but these plates bite anyway. I got them for our wedding from Crate and Barrel and have not been pleased with them, they really do not stand the test of time. See...A good part of the day thus far is the kids scarfed down lunch and were playing together nicely. Too nice actually, and too quiet. I found them in their room...

Look what Jill learned how to do! Open the cabinet! Yay!!!! She could have cared less that I caught her, but Aaron took off down the hall, with the diaper genie refills that he took...They're down for naps right now, even though I can hear them talking and switching the light on and off. Hopefully they will sleep for me. And to think, it's only 1 pm! Ahhhh just another day in paradise, right???

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