Monday, June 22, 2009

Where's the dog?

The kids and I laid pretty low today, it was over 100 degrees outside (yuck!). Aaron was a definite cuddler for the majority of the day, especially in the afternoon, mainly because we decided we didn't need afternoon naps. Joy...
Aaron did learn a new trick, if you will, he can now make farting noises on my leg. And let me tell you. he is proud! He will sit there and keep doing that for like 5 minutes, it's disgusting! Not only is my leg covered in drool, it's also covered in snot! But, he thinks it's hilarious, and really it kind of is. So kudos to Aaron, you truly are a little boy!
Jill's obsession with the dog has reached an all time high. Morgan decided to hide out for a while by the sliding door, and Jill was not having it. She ran over to the makeshift gate (as you will see in a moment) and was signing/saying dog like crazy. Morgan wouldn't even turn around, she was probably thinking the same thing I was, "don't these kids need a nap or something? I know I do!". Here's the video of Jill signing, it's too cute!

I started reading a new magazine called Body and Soul (it's from Martha Stewart) and it's all about green living. It's pretty decent. It definitely has a lot of good green living tips and is very "zen". Some articles are a little too let's go hang with the Dali Lama for me, but all in all it's a pretty awesome magazine.
OH! And because my job is awesome and I get to try a ton of products, I got the new starter kit from Nellie's All Natural. Um, it's awesome! The new dryer balls are PVC free AND you can put the scented soy fragrance sticks in them so your clothes smell like lavender. It's awesome! We're actually going to give away a starter kit next week (I think) on the blog. I'll post the date a few days early on here so you know when to check it out.
That's all that's going on over here, hopefully the weather is semi-nice tomorrow. Oh, and in case you were wondering Jon and Kate filed for divorce and I think it's hilarious that it was leaked to the media before they could announce it on their show. Take that TLC! (I know that wasn't nice)

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