Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Jon & Kate and TLC,

I was on People's website yesterday and I don't know why I clicked on it, but I did... Apparently Jon and Kate have a "big announcement" on Monday's "very special" 1 hour episode (really 1 hour?!). I have been refraining from writing about them, but honestly I just have to say it...
I get it, it's hard dealing with the stress of multiples and trying to make your marriage work with all the stress, and my life is not on tv (thank God), but you can walk away. I highly doubt that TLC would make them stay in their contract with everything that is going on, that would just be cruel. And isn't this show supposed to be about life with 8 beautiful miracle children, not how many celebrities we know and how many free trips/gifts we can get? It is so hard to watch this show now. I loved the first seasons when they were fairly modest people that lived in a typical home raising all their children. You actually got to see what daily life was like with all of these kids. Now it is so hard to stomach. Here they are in this multi-million dollar home with nannies and all sorts of other helpers (bodyguards, really?) talking about how "Kate has to go to New York to promote this" or "Life is just so busy with all the press stuff we need to do". On one episode Kate even mentioned that the kids called her by the nanny's name, SERIOUSLY?! Am I the only one that sees the problem? I think it's great that now you have this money to TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY, but enough is enough already! Shame on you TLC for allowing this family's demise play out on national TV. And shame on the companies that pay to advertise during that show! You are just as bad! And shame on you Jon and Kate for allowing this to continue. How about you think about your kids on this one?

Ok I'm done on that one, I don't want to say anything might get really mean, but gosh that felt good to get out. I don't plan on watching Monday's or any other day's episode, I hope you join me.


Missy said...

Amen! It really is a simple decision - no show, take time to attempt to save your relationship, and keep the kids from witnessing the havoc. I hope the announcement is Goodbye. Good post!

Christa @ Quintooples said...

Totally totally agree.

I don't watch, because I don't want to support the demise of innocent children, but the ONLY way they can start redemption is by ending the show NOW. Even if it means breaking contract.

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