Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

A lot to be thankful for this week, so here we go! This week I am thankful for....

  • Having a great husband who took care of the kiddos while I was sick!
  • Waking up this morning feeling a little closer to my old self. Maybe this has finally worked itself out?
  • The construction project next door looking like it is near completion. I think they are nailing on the last shingles (yeah at 7 am, seriously).
  • My friends son responded well to chemo. He has had 2 of the 10 sessions and is doing fantastic, please keep him in your prayers!
  • Alka Seltzer cold medicine, you rock.
  • All the well wishes while I was sick!
  • All the hugs from my kiddos, even though now I think those hugs were probably not a great idea (Aaron is starting to cough).
  • Mimi and PawPaw taking Morgan to the vet for us, even though it made Jill mad.
  • Morgan being a gentle puppy and letting the kids pet her whenever they want.
  • Skype! Lani and I had a video call yesterday (yeah we only live 10 minutes away) about work and it was awesome, now if my parents could figure it out that would be even better!
  • Sesame Street and Wiggles DVD's. They were lifesavers this week!
  • Great blog friends who are excellent sounding boards and are always there to lend a helping hand!
Hope you had a great week! Play along with Nicole at What a Trip!


Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Happy TT! What a great List!!! Alkaselzer doesn't sound to yummy though lol!

Missy said...

What a great list! So glad you are feeling better!

Breen said...

Great List! Hope your back to 100% real soon.

Nicole O'Dell said...

WOW~ what an awesome list!!

I'm so glad you're feeling better!

I didn't realize you and Lani lived that close to one another--how cool is that!

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

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