Thursday, July 2, 2009

The latest happenings...

It rained pretty much all day yesterday so we didn't do much. Scott had his second interview, and we're hoping for the best.

Jill has become quite the pistol, to say the least. And what makes it worse is she knows that she's absolutely adorable! We have that toy tool bench from Fisher Price and she takes the hammer from it and bangs Aaron in the head with it. Maybe he has a screw loose? Aaron is no angel by any means, he's just a lot more creative. Aaron reminds me of my brother Art and all the stories I heard about him. I will not go into details on those stories because at this time we cannot confirm, nor deny, that any of those stories are true ;)

Their fascination with the dog is growing and growing. I know I write about this everyday, but it grows everyday. Jill walks around with the "d" book from the Baby Einstein
Alphabooks so she can kiss the dog, pet the dog, and sign dog to the dog. Then she runs at Morgan and shows her the dog. They both also have to put Morgan in her cage when we go somewhere and have to let her out when we get home. And heaven forbid if you don't get to the door fast enough to let Morgan in from outside. They will both tell you about it until you open the door for Morgan. What's it going to be like when they really start talking????

Anyway, back to yesterdays events...
After the kiddos afternoon nap we went up to Mimi and
PawPaw's to visit with everyone and go for dinner. Jill has definitely found a new friend in Kaitlyn, and the cheetah that holds her MP3 player. They were listening to "Funkytown" by the Chipmunks and shaking their groove thangs if you will. Aaron spent most of the time "cutting the grass" with his lawn mower that he got from Uncle Michael, Auntie Sandi and Kaitlyn.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner last night, and to my surprise the kids ate the chicken tenders, as well as their weight in Nilla wafers and garlic (yay) breadsticks. I hadn't been to this Olive Garden yet, it just opened a few months ago. It's nice to have a new restaurant in our area. Most of them are where all the tourists are, which makes it near impossible to get it, especially in the summer, unless of course you would like to have dinner at 3:30.

Not too sure what our plans are for today, it's going to depend on the weather. And don't worry Mom, my thanksgiving Thursday is coming later :)

Here's some photos and video from our afternoon...


cat said...

Oh mine has a fascination with the dogs that has slightly abated by about 18 months - now we have a healthy interest.

Lani said...

Mine are addicted to Olive Garden breadsticks too! I think it's genetic.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Olive Garden is the best!!!! Love it! I predict their fascination with the pups will continue to grow. I know it has with my two!

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