Sunday, July 19, 2009

Multiples and More Question of the Week

This weeks question is what would you do with ten million dollars?

Well first I would definitely pay off all of our debt and both sets of parents debt. Then I would find a management company to come and rent out our house as a time share, of course that would also require us putting in a pool. Then we would move into a beautiful new house (probably in Celebration or Mount Dora) that would look something like this...And while the interior decorator is doing their thing, Scott, the kiddos, myself and both families will be in Hawaii enjoying a nice few week vacation in a super luxury resort that has a view like this...Of course we would also have money set aside for the kiddos in a trust that could be used for school or towards the purchase of a house. We would also have a lot in investments with the wonderful Ty who has done such a wonderful job with PawPaw's dinero.

And finally if we had 10 million big ones we would be able to give some serious dinero to our favorite charities: our church, St. Jude's, Autism Speaks, Make a Wish, American Heart Association, Cancer Society and ASPCA.

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