Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is that sweat or rain? Gross...

We tried to have a garage sale today. I have been advertising this since Wednesday on Craigslist so I was hoping for a decent turnout. I even got up before the kids and started getting things ready! Naturally, the kids slept until almost 8 am, go figure. I even made signs for the sale, and they were nice ones (not that I'm bragging, but they were). Scott went and put them out and discovered some...hmmm how can I say this without using profanity like I said I wouldn't use when I signed my Blogher contract....not so nice people down the street were also having a garage sale. What's the problem you ask? Simple, they didn't have signs put up, and they are right off the corner so people saw them before us and totally bypassed us. Meanies!

Anyway, we started out with a decent crowd and then the rain came. It was one of those quick 5 minute rains, but it was a hard downpour so we pulled everything in. Then the beautiful Florida sun came out, and so did all the the sale stuff. Of course once we got it all out again it down poured, harder this time and for at least 6 minutes (that's a rough estimate). Scott decided to call it since everything was getting wet and we couldn't tell if we were super sweaty or wet from rain.

All in all we made like $50 for the 2 hours that we were out there, so not bad. We're going to try again next Saturday, who knows I may find more stuff in the garage to sell (hey for the right price I would sell the garage).

That's about it over here, tomorrow I think is going to be fairly low key. Hope you had a great Saturday!


Melissa B. said...

Sorry things didn't work out the way you had planned. That's why I keep collecting junk in my basement and never act on the urge to have a yard sale. But I really should clean that basement out! I'm here from SITS...don't forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes!

Valerie said...

You can also advertise your sale for free at

We have the same issue with rain here in Virginia, which is why most sales around here end at 1pm, mostly when we get random storms, they are in the afternoon.

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