Friday, July 24, 2009

My little artists

Today I tried coloring with the kids. I figure one of the questions at the next doctor's appointment will be if they can hold crayons and scribble so I decided to try it with them. It went fairly well, granted most of the scribbles are mine, the kids did add a couple of their own. Also, we only had two attempts at eating the crayon (Jill of course). Here are some pictures from our art project...

Then after the art project we took all the kiddos outside to play (we were watching Jenn's boys today). Brandon is a catcher on his baseball team so Scott decided to throw the ball around a little with him and show him some pointers from when he used to catch. Aaron just chilled out in the backyard, it was obviously too hot to exert any effort. Jill had a blast in the backyard though and was fascinated by the guys playing ball. Here are some photos and a quick video...

Everyone is napping (Scott included) right now, it's the best! I love the peace and quiet! Hope you are having a great Friday!

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