Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday


Didn't I just write my list for last week???? Oh we go again! This week I am thankful for...

  • Scott and all that he does for us!
  • Two beautiful kiddos that always manage to make me laugh!
  • PawPaw letting me make his birthday cake today! You're gonna love it!
  • Both sets of parents and all they do for us.
  • The nurse today telling me there is no possible way I could have had twins because I don't look like I could. Totally made my day, which makes me wonder if they just say that for that reason...hmmmm
  • The manager at Sweetbay who has twins and always asks me how my kiddos are doing whenever I'm in there. It's nice to go to a store like that.
  • Steve Perry and Rick Springfield's insane fan base! I tagged them both in my post yesterday and got a ton of extra traffic from their fans. Awesome!
  • Naptime, what a wonderful time.
  • The truck not hitting Jenn and I yesterday on our way home from Winter Garden Village. Seriously, we are not allowed to ride in cars together anymore (read last Thursday to find out why).
That's all I got right now. Hope you are having a great Thursday!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I am sooooo honored - I have never been on anyone Thanksgiving Thursday list! I think I am going to cry!
Seriously, I am honored that you asked me and hope everyone enjoys it!
(I received my Nellie's laundry kit today - total surprise - I just thought I had won the keychain. I am using it right now and will do a post on it soon. Thanks for being so sweet and having 2 awesome blogs!!!)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Fun list! And...naptime...gotta agree with you there!

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

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