Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

It's been a fairly busy week this week, so naturally there is a ton to be thankful for! This week, I am thankful for...

  • Scott and all that he does. Fingers crossed that he gets a call from someone he has sent a resume to!
  • A great visit with Sandi, Michael and Kaitlyn!
  • All the American Girl/Bitty Baby furniture that Kaitlyn gave to Jill. And when I say all, I mean open the catalog, point, and we probably have it now. :)
  • Michael riding Manta with me, so I wouldn't chicken out when I got to the top :)
  • Mimi and PawPaw treating us to all the awesome dinners over the past week and a half. Most especially last night at Maggiano's!
  • Mimi and PawPaw letting us take the leftovers from Maggiano's :) Their food is awesome at the restaurant, but it always WAY better the next day!
  • Jill's new Lion King CD. As Cat told me a few weeks ago, my children are apparently South African, so this CD should be a welcomed gift to them! Thanks Mimi!
  • The new books the kiddos got from Busia and DziaDzio! I may have to install bookshelves into the walls to store all of the books they have, but that's always a good thing!
  • Nilla wafers! You are a savior in public places! Most especially restaraunts that take their time bringing out the kiddos food.
  • The rain this morning, it let us all sleep in a little. Well I got to sleep in a lot, but everyone else slept in too.
  • Scott allowing me to sleep an extra hour this morning :)
  • All of Lani's help while I've had family in town. You're the best!
  • Kelly from GOMOTT finding all those awesome prizes for the raffle (some of which we won! Yahoo!).
  • April and Melissa making me laugh during the board induction ceremony at Tuesday's meeting. I'm sure those photos of me laughing look awesome....uh huh... :)
  • My new Seaworld pass (I may have mentioned this last week?). Thanks Mimi and PawPaw!
  • Anything else I forgot to mention that happened this week. We are truly lucky to have what we have.
Be sure to play along with Nicole at What a Trip!


Lani said...

uuuuuuuugh! I missed the CEREMONY! man, I would have loved to present for that:)

~*Kara*~ said...

I found your blog through What a Trip! Just wanted to tell you that never did I think I would come across someone that knew where Clermont was, let alone live there! I grew up in Winter Garden...and spent lots of time in Clermont! I know live in Gainesville. Small world!

I hope your husband get's word soon about a job, and you have a beautiful family!

Barbara Manatee said...

A Sea World PASS? As in a season pass? Awesome! Oh, how I wish we lived closer to something like that - I'd go every week! I think there is one in Ohio...might have to venture there in a year or two so the kids can see it!

I used to LOVE Nilla Wafers - yum!
Stopping by from TT!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a great list! It sounds like you have had a great week!

Nicole O'Dell said...

WOW! What a list!!!

And, the bean bag chairs in the post above are so cute!

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

monica said...

Yes what a big list of stuff to be thankful for! Sleeping in late would be a nice one. Also the pass to lovely.

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Extra sleep is awesome!

Stopping by from TT!

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