Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Even though things haven't been perfect lately there are still a ton of things to be thankful for. So this week I am thankful for...

  • Scott and all he does, especially letting me sleep in :)
  • Jenn making it in and that the house she is renting was in great (actually insanely great) condition!
  • Fr. Jean not killing Jenn and I while in the car. *We were driving down the road and Fr. Jean was driving the Church's truck with a mattress, box spring and bed frame (not tied down) and a piece of the bed frame came flying at my car and then the mattress came at us too. Jenn and I were screaming like 7 year old girls at a sleep over.
  • The look on Brandon's face (Jenn's son) when he saw his bedroom at his new house. He has shared a room with his younger brother for almost 5 years now, so it was great to see how happy he is.
  • My kiddos and how they can always make me laugh.
  • Actually being able to see a shuttle launch! I was one of the lucky ones last night that got to see it.
That's all I can think of right now, sorry it's a short list. Be sure to play along with Nicole at What a Trip!

1 comment:

Summer said...

you have a husband that lets you sleep in???

Keep him. Never let him go!

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